Hartshorne Village Phone Box

The old, telephone box outside the Rodney Pub owned by the Parish Council has been refurbished and converted on their behalf by the Residents Association.

It is now a bright red information kiosk for all the clubs, pubs and villagers to view and use.  So if you have any notices (not too large) please tack them on the Community Notice Board inside.  Also, please use the HVRA box to nominate your Hartshorne Hero, use the slip from the Newsletter.  All nominations by April 2019 as winner will be announced at AGM in May.  Who deserves this special award?

We have a team of volunteers keeping the kiosk tidy and checking the display making sure it is current and up-to-date.

Please pop in, and take a look at the various leaflets in the racks and check out the posters on the board.

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