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Saturday, 21 December – Nativity Festival Saturday, 21 December  10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Sunday, 22 December – Carol Service Sunday, 22 December  4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

CONTACT DETAILS    Rev Stella Greenwood – Curate   Tel: 01283 214583 ,  www.hartshornechurch.org.uk    or speak to Jane Horan 07966194954 or 211333 or email jane.horan52@gmail.com

Please come and see our display of soldiers who served in WW1.  It is found inside and you may recognise some of the names from the village.  We are very proud of these special individuals.  We shall remember them!


Archbishop Justin visited Hartshorne Church as part of his tour of the diocese. He was with us for an hour or so on the afternoon of Thursday 23rd June 2016. As part of his visit, we held one of our Experience events with children from Hartshorne School, followed by a tree-planting and reception with local guests and bell ringers. This was a great opportunity to strengthen our links with the wider community and be hospitable, both things we identified as being important on our recent Vision Day.  A very successful visit and one that will be remembered for many reasons by different groups.

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