Village Alert

Attempted theft – Motorhome in Ticknall Road   Early April Please be aware of people acting suspiciously or vehicles waiting around.                                                         Ring 101 but in an emergency call 999

Subject: Fraud

An organisation calling itself AB Solutions telephoned an elderly couple in Etwall. They claimed to work for the Council and said that Lisa could confirm this.

They said that Council Tax bands had been adjusted upwards and the couple owed over £100.  Unfortunately, they believed the call was genuine and paid by card over the ‘phone.

This is, of course, a fraud and appears to be an issue in other areas so we need to be aware of it. 

If you hear of this, please advise the recipient under no circumstances to pay and to report the call to the Action Fraud hotline on 03001232040.

When a property’s CT band is changed, the occupier is always informed in writing by post.

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